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bjames -> Sprint Centro EAS problems continue (25.May2008 8:25:45 PM)

Having no luck at all making the initial connection.  VersaMail setup is able to test the connection to the Exchange server, but then it sits on 'receiving' until it tiles out with a failure.  I found the below in the server logs which may explain a little more:

2008-05-25 11:38:54 OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/default.eas &Log=V25_LdapC0_LdapL0_RpcC0_RpcL0_ 443 donnalynn PalmOne-TreoAce/2.01m01 200 0 0 879
2008-05-25 11:39:12 OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/default.eas &Log=V25_LdapC0_LdapL0_RpcC0_RpcL0_ 443 donnalynn PalmOne-TreoAce/2.01m01 200 0 0 187
2008-05-25 11:39:12 POST /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/default.eas Cmd=FolderSync&User=donnalynn&DeviceId=PLMO80BB1520&DeviceType=PalmOneTreoAce&Log=V25_LdapC0_LdapL0_RpcC10_RpcL10_Ers1_Pk0_Error[image]http://forums.palm.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif[/image]eviceNotProvisioned_ 443 donnalynn PalmOne-TreoAce/2.01m01 449 0 0 240
The 'device not provisioned' part bugs me in that I can't find anything describing a resolution yet.

Thought I would share for those of you struggling to get EAS working with this handheld and think you are alone in your misery.

romrunning -> RE: Sprint Centro EAS problems continue (30.May2008 4:42:49 PM)

I have Treo 755p & 680p that can't sync either.  After negotiating the SSL connection, the Treo says "Receiving..."   This goes on for 10-15 seconds.  THen VersaMail eventually fails with error message AirSAMstate.c 1913 4628.

From what I can tell with my WinMo Treos, as soon you make the SSL connection, you are given a prompt to make sure the device is okay with Exchange mobile device policy (not the actual msg - don't have the device in front of me anymore).  After saying OK, the Treo downloads mail, contacts, etc.

It seems the newer VersaMail doesn't understand the prompt and just sits there waiting to receive email.  A guy on the Palm forum said it only happened with Exchange 2007 SP1, not RTM.  So until Palm fixes VersaMail, we're stuck with either synching through the desktop, or using an email-only program, like DataViz's RoadSync (ignore their claims - the Palm OS version only supports email since "you already have everything else with EAS").

bjames -> RE: Sprint Centro EAS problems continue (31.May2008 11:55:36 AM)

Running Exchange2007 SP1 on this end and I was afraid that was going to be the answer. Had to fall back o IMAP with the centro user and let them get mail the hard way. Very disappointing since under Exchange2003 this all worked fine.

Just for kicks I wiped the handheld yesterday and tried to set it up w/o the build 77 update. Same result. Receiving....... fail. Looking like Palm doesn't seem too concerned about this problem.

edit - I wonder if we can make an EAS policy that allows unprovisioned devices and doesn't ask to apply security policy to the handheld.

romrunning -> RE: Sprint Centro EAS problems continue (2.Jun.2008 5:45:50 PM)

I thought about the same thing - whether you can disable the security check.  Unfortunately, I think its integral to the whole remote wipe feature & similar stuff.  I haven't done any research, but I plan on doing some more.

On your IMAP solution, does IMAP handle contacts & tasks, along with calendar & email?

bjames -> RE: Sprint Centro EAS problems continue (2.Jun.2008 6:49:13 PM)

If it can support it, I haven't managed to get it working yet. She gets her email, but contacts and calendar are hotsync'ed from a desktop running Outlook. She has Entourage2008 but I haven't wanted to try to sync with it on her Mac. Got enough headaches as it is. Not to mention I just discovered SuSE's Evolution won't play nice with Exchange2007 SP1 either.

I tried combing through the command line options for E2k7 relating to Activesync profiles and I haven't found any way to try and turn provisioning checks off. Seems that the allow non-provisionable devices is the only way to get it enabled. Unfortunately, Centro/Versamail doesn't know how to handle it.

romrunning -> RE: Sprint Centro EAS problems continue (3.Jun.2008 5:15:15 PM)

Just a warning - we have a Mac here w/Entourage 2008 SP1.  However, when I connected it to the CAS svr just like we had it before (used to connect to Ex03 front-end svr using RPC over HTTPS), it crashes the CAS svr.  I get w3wp.exe crashes on the W2k8 box, and it stops the Exchange Application Pool.  I tried to move the mailbox back to my Ex03 svr, but it errors out with a "MAPI or unspecified provider" error.  So now I'm stuck with having the Mac user use OWA.  I can't believe that the Ex07 CAS (and IIS7) could be affected by an external client, but here I am.  So this may be a MS support call later on. 

bjames -> RE: Sprint Centro EAS problems continue (4.Jun.2008 6:01:06 AM)

I wasn't aware 'Outlook Anywhere' even worked with Entourage.  Not having any MAPI clients connecting, I didn't enable it.  Now I'm curious to see it work (or crash and burn).

romrunning -> RE: Sprint Centro EAS problems continue (6.Jun.2008 10:50:50 AM)

Well, it worked with my Ex03 front-end svr on W2k3.  It doesn't work w/my new Ex07 CAS on W2k8.  I think it may lie in the WebDAV connection, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to proceed in that direction.  Could also be just my setup & maybe it works elsewhere, but caveat emptor.

bjames -> RE: Sprint Centro EAS problems continue (7.Jun.2008 8:59:27 AM)

Decided to court disaster and enabled it.  Seems I have it working with Entourage2008 on two macbooks.  CAS hasn't had any problems yet.

bjames -> RE: Sprint Centro EAS problems continue (17.Jun.2008 6:02:41 AM)

Sync problem is fixed on my exchange server!  Turns out that removing all policies using powershell from the server will remove the policy requirement on the handheld.  Removing the default will leave the activesync policy blank when you view manage mobile device.
I do not know what will happen yet if I add a policy back in for WinMobile devices.  Hopefully I can apply it only to the devices I want and leave the centro alone.  In the meantime, I am thrilled that it is working, so I will prob leave it alone for now.

bjames -> RE: Sprint Centro EAS problems continue (21.Jun.2008 8:55:09 PM)

I'd forgoten about the Entourage problem you mentioned, but I had a reminder today. My CAS was taken out. Default app pool crashed repeatedly and shut itself down. Looks like the Macs on my Exchange server are giving me a problem now too.

romrunning -> RE: Sprint Centro EAS problems continue (26.Jun.2008 4:26:15 PM)

Good to hear you found a work around to the synch problem.   I found this same work-around on TechNet, so I imagine that must have been you posting in the Mobility section.  I wonder if this might have unintended consequences of not being able to apply other settings, like disallowing cameras, requiring passwords, "premium" mobile features, etc.  But then again, if you don't use them, why should you care, right?  Did you find anything that didn't work after you deleted the default EAS policy?

bjames -> RE: Sprint Centro EAS problems continue (1.Jul.2008 6:44:37 AM)

Originally, I had the default policy allow all hardware for WM6 devices and I created a test policy for centro with nothing configured to see if it was preventing the initial sync.  I added and removed restrictions hoping I would find one that was hanging the process.  No luck there.
Finally, removing ALL policies from the server allowed the centro to sync.  Adding one back in for WM6 surprised me.  It somehow became the default and applied itself to the centro mailbox.  I had to remove it from the server again to prevent it from being applied to the centro.
I will give it more testing over the holiday.

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