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Tmark -> Message Routing With External ISP (9.Jun.2008 4:51:37 PM)

I am new to exchange but have been taking many training courses to better acclimate myself. I just set up Exchange 2007 for the company that I work for. The domain that it is for works fine and emails in and out work great as well. However, there are two other e-mail addresses and that each user in our organization has that are not hosted by us here on our exchange server, but instead are POP3 accounts hosted by external ISPs. I have set up a POP connector so that those messages are received into each users exchange mailbox and that works fine. But I would like to still have those accounts be able to send out and I was wondering if there was a way to do this through exchange or some third party add on. So currently the user can send from through exchange fine. But I would also like them to be able to choose to send from their comcast or secondcompany email addresses as well through exchange.   I would like to remove all individual send receive accounts on local PCs in Outlook and have everything routed through exchange. So the user could select to send from exchange but to their receipient have it look like it came from or instead of always

Just wondering if this is possible or if there is an easier answer to my question. Also, if this is possible, would these sent emails from ISP hosted domains still be subject to Exchange journal rules and everything?

Sembee -> RE: Message Routing With External ISP (9.Jun.2008 7:01:33 PM)

There is no option in Exchange for a user to choose accounts. As far as Exchange is concerned all users have one email address for sending email - the default address. All others are aliases and used for inbound only.

For the comcast address I would recommend that you stop trying to do anything with that and Exchange, as it is an ISP address which should be kept well clear of Exchange, otherwise you may have delivery problems to other comcast addresses. You could try adding them to Outlook at individual accounts, but you may well have problems with email delivery if a user tries to send from the comcast address and mixes external and internal users. The message may not go out in a way that is predicable. Ideally those addresses should be phased out rapidly.
To be blunt - Exchange is not designed to be used with email addresses from an ISP.

For the second domain - if you own it get it switched to SMTP delivery. Once it is under the control of Exchange you can do things with it, such as additional accounts and ensure that Exchange routes email correctly.

POP3 connectors are kludges, Exchange is not designed to work in that way.


John Weber -> RE: Message Routing With External ISP (10.Jun.2008 1:47:12 PM)

Seems to me that there is/was a blurb on SlipStick? that advertised an Outlook-based util that does what you want.

I have zero connection with it, nor have I ever used it.

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