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cheri.loehr -> Parent Object inheritance (11.Jun.2008 9:39:47 AM)

At my server level in Exchange System manager, the permissions are inherited from a parent object.  Per advanced security properties, I have two allow permissions not inherited and the same two deny permissions that are inherited from parent object.  Where does this parent object come from?

Thank you in advance for any assistance in where to look for this parent object and how to remove the deny permissions.

Cheri -> RE: Parent Object inheritance (11.Jun.2008 10:59:49 AM)

Your question doesn't make much sense to me in English but I've taken a guess. I think you might want to see where the inherited permissions are coming from. By default the Security tab is not shown at the Organization level but there is a registry change you can do in order to expose that. See: for the reg key you need.

If that wasn't what you were looking for please feel free to clarify this post or ask a fresh question.

cheri.loehr -> RE: Parent Object inheritance (11.Jun.2008 4:49:42 PM)

Sorry to seem encryptic...and lack of knowledge of where to look....I have Exch 2003 SP 2 on a W2k3 SP2 server.  I use Symantec BE11d to backup my mailboxes.  Per Symantec a BE account is required that has send as and receive as permissions to successfully backup, catalog and restore mailboxes.  This account also needs to have Exchange Full Administration delegation.  In Exchange System manager I have delgated control to account and when I look at permissions at the exchange server the account has deny send as and receive as permissions that have been inherited from parent object.  I need to know where this parent object is so I may remove the deny permissions.  I have attempted to set elicit permissions but this doesn't resolve my issue with backups.

I have followed your link...though I viewability of the security tab without registry entry.

I hope this helps...
Thank you again in advance for any assistance.
Cheri -> RE: Parent Object inheritance (11.Jun.2008 4:58:44 PM)

OK, so you don't need the link I sent you. What you do need is to re-check the documentation from Symentec. The Backup Exec account does need a number of rights but you are making it a lot, lot more complex than you need to.

You might be best calling support in your own language.

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