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pt14900 -> Postini Message Archiving (11.Jun.2008 10:58:58 AM)

We use Exchange 2007 Enterprise and are looking at using Postini/Google message archiving. We have been using Postini Email Security for years and have been very happy with the service. Is anyone else using their archive service?  Any feedback?  If so, is it recommended to archive inbound/outbound e-mail at the Postini ‘level’ and capture all internal e-mail using Premium Journaling (Internal Scope)? Thanks in advance.

secureemailplus -> RE: Postini Message Archiving (11.Jun.2008 3:12:13 PM)

If you are direct with Postini before Google, I suggest contacting your account Manager directly to upgrade.

pt14900 -> RE: Postini Message Archiving (12.Jun.2008 3:05:30 PM)

Thanks for the reply!  I'm actually not concerned with the licensing/upgrade to Google Message Delivery but wondering if anyone else is using it and how their experience has been.  Also if they use Exchange 2007, then how they setup journaling (i.e. internal scope vs. everything).

secureemailplus -> RE: Postini Message Archiving (13.Jun.2008 7:41:10 AM)

If you are already using Postini's legacy Enterprise Edition, Google Message Discovery (GMD) is that plus archiving. Discovery has no storage or message limitations, so a question may be whether to journal or not? That question may be decided depending on any regulatory compliance rules, company policy or both.

As for the move to GMD, retention periods are covered only for the time that is purchased. For example, if you start with 3 years and then upgrade to 7, only those messages under the 7-year plan will be archived for 7-years, while the messages in the 3-year plan will drop off as scheduled.

As for the purchase of GMD, Google at this time does not offer a migration from your current platform, so keep that in mind. Though you can download most of your user information for the move. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

email_archiver09 -> RE: Postini Message Archiving (6.Feb.2009 12:11:43 PM)

Postini is one of the worst archiving solutions on the market today... especially in regards to the SaaS's (software as a service).

Look at Messagelabs, Mimecast, etc..

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