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snkancharla2002 -> Problem with mailbox size (12.Jun.2008 9:05:42 AM)

In our organisation we are facing a problem with a user's mailbox size,

1. Policy for  mailbox limit set to 50 MB.
2. After reaching 36 MB the user is receiving a message saying mailbox exceeded limit.
3. when we check in local pc or configure the user's mailbox in outlook the size is displaying as 36 MB.
4. But in the server the mailbox size is displaying as 50500 MB.

what could be the reason. Please help me in resolving the issue.

Steps taken to resolve the issue.

1. Moved the user's mailbox to a different server.
2. accessed using Outlook web access but no additional information foud. (in one isntance we found additional mailx in OWA which were not displayed in mapi client outlook).
3. cleared archive items.
4. As a work arround increased the mailbox size to 65 MB, so in this scenerio the user would get a warning when the limit reaches to 50 MB.

But none of them could resolve the issue.

Please assist.


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