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ivovdb -> Attachment problem, a tough one (23.Jun.2008 1:28:03 AM)


I work in maritime, and we are using a ship specific email program to make connection few times a day using a 64Kb ISDN link.

The program on the ships has configuration to automatically save attachments from specific emails.

We are currently in progress of migrating to exchange 2007, and found following problem.

The auto-saving of attachments on the ships fails when sending messages from an exchange 2007 mailbox (client 2k3 or 2k7).
Reading the log files of the failure, the program get's the filenames from the email between quotes, so instead of it read "".

We tested sending the messages from a mailbox still on our exchange 2003 box (client 2k3 and 2k7), and then it saves without problems. Again reading the logs, the "" around the filenames is not there.

The outgoing and incoming mailflow is still handled by the 2003.

I've been googling like crazy, but can't find anything related to this. Also I cannot find any settings in the exchange server that might cause this problem.
All clients are set to send email as Plain Text at all times, but we have tested HTML also.

Anyone who might know where this difference between 2k3 and 2k7 exchange can be found and configured?

Hope someone has some info...

Thanks already,

Sembee -> RE: Attachment problem, a tough one (24.Jun.2008 2:26:03 PM)

You need to take that to Microsoft. It is probably a design change instead of a function that you can enable and disable. However Microsoft are the only people who will be able to confirm that. It will probably have to be escalated up to the product team.


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