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sipstate001 -> New Mailbox (25.Jun.2008 10:11:33 AM)

Can anyone tell me how to manage this correctly?

I created a new mailbox.  There were specific folders in the box.  I want 1 person to have full rights to the mailbox so I gave that person full access rights.  I several other people I want to give access to the same inbox and folders... but I do not want them to be able to delete anything from them?

Can anyone assist?

x0rerror -> RE: New Mailbox (25.Jun.2008 10:31:23 AM)

I just did a quick google and came across this:

You will be looking to set a Read only permission for the user on the mailbox.

I'm sorry i don't have the shell command readily available (i will have to search also)

If someone has it please be of some assistance and offer the proper shell command.

I hope it points you somewhat in the right direction. I know how frustrating it can be waiting on someone else for an answer that's needed to jump a hurdle that is holding you back.

have a great day.

check also

sipstate001 -> RE: New Mailbox (25.Jun.2008 10:40:24 AM)

I have seen the technet permissions...

I am not following the part where if I do not give user B full access to the box... then how do they get access to the box??

If user B is in his own box... and clicks "File" "Open" "Open another users folder" when I type in the name of the shared box "service"... I only get a list of the default folder names like "inbox, contacts, calendar, etc".  I cannot see the additional folders that have been added under "service" inbox... folder A folder B folder C.

x0rerror -> RE: New Mailbox (25.Jun.2008 11:13:22 AM)

I've never actually managed mailboxes or shared folders that way. I usually add the box to the clients outlook.

What you could try doing is delegate reviewer access through the outlook client itself.

in outlook tools/options/delegate/add

I might be barking up the wrong tree here, i'm not an expert. And looks like the West coast 'experts' are still asleep :)

Sembee -> RE: New Mailbox (25.Jun.2008 12:08:56 PM)

I wouldn't use delegates as that can have unintentional consequences.
Permissions on folders are set client side. In Outlook right click on the folder and choose Properties. You can then set the permissions. Open the folder using File, open Other User's folders.


sipstate001 -> RE: New Mailbox (25.Jun.2008 12:20:36 PM)

Thanks Sembee but I have tried that... that is where I'm having an issue.  I created a service mailbox.  Under the service inbox I made folders A, B, and C.  I gave user John Doe reviewer rights to the inbox and Folder C. 

On John Doe's client side outlook... we go to "File" "Open another users folder" and we can see the inbox... however John Doe cannot see folder A, B, or C?  C is what he needs to see. 

Sembee -> RE: New Mailbox (25.Jun.2008 2:52:03 PM)

Open Other User's folders only gives access to the small list of default folders, no others.
To access other folders you need to access the folders in another way. This requires granting permissions at the top level.

I am not going to repeat what Microsoft have already said...

In effect, you grant permissions to the mailbox, then permissions to the folders.


sipstate001 -> RE: New Mailbox (27.Jun.2008 9:55:07 AM)

Thanks Sembee again... that was the problem.  I gave permissions to the inbox and the folder below it.... but not the very top level of the mailbox.  After I did that... and added the account to his client... wala... all he saw was the inbox and his folder... with no delete rights.

Thanks again!

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