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sealteam2007 -> Nokia N82 Push Mail (26.Jun.2008 11:20:10 PM)

Hi there,

  We have mobile device Nokia N82 want to run push mail connect to Exchange 2007. It install with software "Mail For Exchange" when try to connect getting error message "Your account does not have permission to sync with current settings. Contact your administrator." When want to install the SSL cert also encounter error invalid cert.

   We check the Activesync permission at Exchange 2007 server were set correct because able to sync with WM.

jveldh -> RE: Nokia N82 Push Mail (13.Aug.2008 5:38:35 AM)


I think you are using a self-signed certificate. Did you import it on the phone ?

sealteam2007 -> RE: Nokia N82 Push Mail (2.Sep.2008 10:27:14 AM)

Yes, it self assign cert. When import to Nokia device it complain not valid cert. We been contact with Nokia Support verify the issue. They ask to install "XCA" software export the cert then import to Nokia device. But still no luck fail to install also.

Sembee -> RE: Nokia N82 Push Mail (2.Sep.2008 1:00:17 PM)

Just to let you know - Microsoft don't support the use of self generated SSL certificates with Exchange ActiveSync (or Outlook Anywhere). You need to switch to a commercial certificate to be supported.


sealteam2007 -> RE: Nokia N82 Push Mail (2.Sep.2008 11:40:21 PM)

Hi Simon,

  Thanks for the info. Will get SSL commercial one and try install at Nokia Device again.

rishishah -> RE: Nokia N82 Push Mail (8.Sep.2008 3:35:40 PM)

Or set up your own Windows Server CA and issue certs from there. Just make sure that your root CA cert is trusted.

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