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mxnerd -> Other Techgenix forums logins? (27.Jun.2008 3:57:01 PM)

Q: I'm already a member of this forum, do I have to regsiter again in order to access other Techgenix forums like ISAServer.org or WindowsSecurity.com ?

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Other Techgenix forums logins? (2.Jul.2008 10:42:07 AM)

hi mate,

yes you need to create a acccount for those forums

tdean -> RE: Other Techgenix forums logins? (21.Aug.2008 1:34:30 AM)

i've been trying to register at windowssecurity for months and the captiva picture at the bottom of the page hasnt been working.  i sent over 10 emails, but havent heard back.


Barbara Matysik Magro -> RE: Other Techgenix forums logins? (21.Aug.2008 8:44:18 AM)

Hi tdean,

Please note that the captcha image in the registration page on the WindowSecurity.com Forums has been fixed so you should be able to register without any problems. We received your email last Friday (15.08.08) and we replied to it on Monday (17.08.08) as soon as we resolved the registration issue. It's seems that you didn't receive our email - perhaps it was stopped by your spam filters.
Please note that the Friday email was the first one we received from you again it is possible that your previous emails were lost in our spam folders. We looked into the registration problem as soon as we found out about it. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you will find the WindowSecurity.com Forums useful.

Best Regards,

tdean -> RE: Other Techgenix forums logins? (21.Aug.2008 10:57:32 PM)

oh, thanks Barbara!  yeah, something must be up cause i didnt get notified about this response.  i really did send ~10 emails trying to get to the bottom of that.  anyway, i'll go sign up now.  thanks again!


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