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I'm running sbs 2003 exhange w/ a dynamic ip.  I'm running a dns updater service on the server, using dnydns.  I have an ISP acting as my web and email host.  I've created a higher priority (10) mx record on my hosting mail server.  I've run the wizard to setup exchange to use my isp mailserver to act as my outgoing smtp.  I can send and receive email w/o issue / from both intra and inter.  When I enable the Out of Office Reply and receive email from an external source, I don't get a OOOR.  When I send a message internally, I do get the reply.  What configuration am I missing?  Thanks for your help!

EDIT:  I found the problem.  
>>Microsoft Exchange>>System Manager>>Global Settings>>Internet Message Formats >> Double click defaults>>Advanced>>  Check Allow out office responses.   Restart exchange services.  On the client.  Check "in office" under out of office - click ok.  then select out of office - click ok.  Should now work.

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