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milind2517 -> SOS Need Exchange 5.5 (18.Jul.2008 12:46:47 AM)


I need setup of  Exchange 5.5. i tried a lot over the net, but not able to get the same.


pjhutch -> RE: SOS Need Exchange 5.5 (26.Oct.2008 7:04:55 PM)

What do you need to know? Exchange 5.5 is ancient, try Exchange 2003 instead.

Exchange_Geek -> RE: SOS Need Exchange 5.5 (27.Oct.2008 10:31:18 AM)

I agree with pjhutch, why not think about working with Exchange 2003 rather than eating out at Exchange 5.5.

In fact, everyone out ther is thinking about moving on to Exchange 2007 and within MSFT - E14.

Also, there is a huge documentation available for E2k3 rather than old aged expired Exchange 5.5.

janejackson -> RE: SOS Need Exchange 5.5 (16.Jan.2012 6:02:07 AM)

I was purchased exchange 5.0 for my firm at microsoft site.

pjhutch -> RE: SOS Need Exchange 5.5 (16.Jan.2012 8:06:32 AM)

is there any specific documentation you require? I could do a basic installation document for Ex 5.5?

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