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behrens -> Emails stuck on Edge Server? (22.Jul.2008 9:55:35 AM)

Hi there :)

I have an Exchange 2007 environment including one Server with HUB/CAS Role and another one with Edge Role. Their communication works fine till now, I thought.

My problem:
One person in our domain expected four emails from one external sender. This four emails never arrived at this person. After the external sender has resend two mails, these arrived. I looked up the "Message Tracking" and saw that all six mails reached the Edge Server but not the HUB/CAS. Now I dont know where the problem might be.

Hope one of you has an answer for that.

Thank you in advance Sascha

PS. Sorry for my english ;) I hope its not that terrible

//edit Why is there so much space between the lines? Solved :)

TXB2 -> RE: Emails stuck on Edge Server? (22.Jul.2008 9:04:47 PM)

Was there a DSN associated to the "missing" emails when you checked the tracker?
Have you checked your SPAM agents? Could they of been quarantined or rejected?

behrens -> RE: Emails stuck on Edge Server? (23.Jul.2008 1:43:28 AM)

Sorry forgot to tell, our spamfilter doesnt have any of these messages quarantined or rejected. And we have NDR (I think the DSN belongs to that) deactivated for external senders.

TXB2 -> RE: Emails stuck on Edge Server? (23.Jul.2008 3:15:33 AM)

It's going to be a difficult to troubleshoot issues (exactly like the one you are having) when you disable NDRs. If an email was not delivered successfully when we need to know why which is the purpose of a NDR. It's the reason why its in RFC 2821.

behrens -> RE: Emails stuck on Edge Server? (23.Jul.2008 4:35:07 AM)

Ok, I think it was not the best idea to deactivate NDRs :(

Is there a way to see what the edge has done with this mails? Message tracking seems not to show me that.

TXB2 -> RE: Emails stuck on Edge Server? (24.Jul.2008 9:17:36 PM)

Well the Event ID should give you idea what happened to the mail. I presume you had a RECIEVE when the external server sent to your edge? Did you recieve a SEND from your edge to your hub? If so what was the Recipient code? If there was no SEND, then there should be a corresponding Event ID to help troubleshoot further e.g. DSN. 

behrens -> RE: Emails stuck on Edge Server? (25.Jul.2008 1:55:59 AM)

Big thanks, thats getting me a little closer... I have looked for the internalMessageIds on edge and got this:

3x RECEIVE & SEND with ReceipientStatus, what for me looks like three mails should have been delivered successfully.

3x RECEIVE & FAIL, in Source column there is AGENT and in SourceContent there is "ScanMail Routing Agent". ScanMail has to do with our TrendMicro.

If I look for the internalMessageIds on hub there are no entries *confused*

TXB2 -> RE: Emails stuck on Edge Server? (25.Jul.2008 2:10:29 AM)

Now highlight one of the FAIL rows and click NEXT and NEXT again. That should drill down further and give you more specfic information. Maybe Trend Micro had a problem picking up the eml file?

behrens -> RE: Emails stuck on Edge Server? (25.Jul.2008 2:22:53 AM)

The information I get is the same as before filtered by another Id ;) But I will look at TrendMicro for the problem now

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