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Tmark -> Left side of task request cutoff (23.Jul.2008 6:49:44 PM)

We have multiple e-mail address at my company here and we have Exchange 2007 setup with all users using Outlook 2007. We are able to send receive and everything works fine. However, there is a problem when a user sends a task or appointment from a non-exchange email address to the exchange one. The task does not come in as a task and rather looks like a regular e-mail message and also, the left half of the message is cut off from view.

I was always under the impression that users not on exchange could send the exchange users tasks and such.

One other question quickly. In outlook, the other non-exchange email addresses are set as the default sending addresses but Outlook seems to keep switching back to exchange. Is there any way to disable the exchange e-mail for a short while from being used as an account in sending? Forcing users to send from their other non-exchange e-mail addresses.

Thanks for any help!

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