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meetoo -> smart host Q very slow (24.Jul.2008 11:43:18 AM)

I am in the middle of an ex2000 to ex2007 conversion.  2007 server is installed into the existing 2000 org.
I created a send connector on 2007 to send email to my smart host that sits in the dmz.
All mail deliveries are working (internal and external).  However, external mail going thru the smart host sits in the 'Smarthostconnectordelivery' Q for a long time (sometimes hours, sometimes 15 minutes) and many messages report a '421 4.4.2 connection dropped' error.  I have an average of 20 messages in that Q all the time.

Also, the 'Messages' tab in Q viewer seems to retain messages longer than I think it should.
Neither the ex2007 server nor the smart host appear to have any performance issues.
What settings can I look at to resolve this slowness issue?

TXB2 -> RE: smart host Q very slow (24.Jul.2008 9:28:41 PM)

The best thing to do in this senario is run the Mail flow Troubleshooter. This should point you in right direction, whether its a DNS issue or routing issue etc.
You mention your smarthost is the DMZ so presumably mailflow is through a router/FW. See if you can monitor a packet loss/drop there.
I had a similar problem once where mailflow where very slow and problematic. It turned out that the PIX FW had SMTP proxying enabled and was stripping alot of the commands/comms..

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