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pbryant75 -> Outlook 2002 (28.Jul.2008 4:24:39 PM)

I don't know if this post is in the right thread, but I need to know the best method of configuring outlook 2002 clients and export the .pst files into exchange.  Currently my company is using internet mail with the exchange implementation pending.  Thanks in advance.

Sembee -> RE: Outlook 2002 (29.Jul.2008 2:59:29 PM)

Depending on the number of users, a manual move might be the best option.
Otherwise you have to collect the PST files in to a central place, renamed correctly and then import them after making changes.

For Outlook, new profiles will be required. There are a number of tools that can create them for you, but again doing everything manually might be the best option.
Configure the new Outlook profile for Exchange, then import the PST file through Outlook.


pbryant75 -> RE: Outlook 2002 (29.Jul.2008 8:33:40 PM)

Thanks Sembee.  I am going to manually config and migrate the clients.  I'm just concerned that I may have issues because the outlook clients are 2002.  Do you have any experience with configuring 2002 clients to Exchange 2007 and exporting the .pst files?  Most of the info that I have found pertains to Outlook 2007.  Any info that you have will be much appreciated.


Sembee -> RE: Outlook 2002 (30.Jul.2008 7:17:23 AM)

Outlook 2002 is supported with Exchange 2007 so you will have no problems there. The reason you are seeing more written about Outlook 2007 is because Outlook 2007 works with Exchange 2007 in a completely new way, which means things have to be done in a different manner. Outlook 2002 was designed to work with older versions of Exchange which haven't changed since 5.5.


pbryant75 -> RE: Outlook 2002 (31.Jul.2008 2:44:22 PM)

Thanks Simon.  As far as the .pst import, I am using the import-mailbox cmd.  It seems to work OK in my test environment.  A couple of things that I don't like about it is it won't import subfolders and the exclude folders option doesn't work.  Do you know of an alternate meathod for importing pst files or advice on using the import-mailbox command?
Thanks again

Sembee -> RE: Outlook 2002 (31.Jul.2008 4:33:49 PM)

import-mailbox should import everything - sub folders the lot. I have used just this week to import content that was exported to a PST file using exmerge from an Exchange 5.5 server with no problems at all.

The alternative method is to import through Outlook, once Outlook has been configured for the correct mailbox.


pbryant75 -> RE: Outlook 2002 (31.Jul.2008 9:04:10 PM)

Once again, thanks for the fast response.  Do you think that the import-mailbox cmd isn't grabbing the subfolders because i am using outlook 2002?  It's not a big deal, because I can manually move the subfolders to the exchange profile.  Since I have to touch each workstation anyways, perhaps I should manualy move all the folders.  What do you think? Is that what you mean when you said import through Outlook?  Thanks


Sembee -> RE: Outlook 2002 (1.Aug.2008 8:44:33 AM)

The fact that you are using Outlook 2002 shouldn't matter. I regularly exmerge out of Exchange 5.5 (which predates Outlook 2002 by some time) and the content is pulled in fully.

You don't have to manually move everything. Simply reconfigure Outlook and then use the Import Data wizard to import the contents of the PST file. If you are going to use Offline Folders then do not set that until the import is complete - the data will get in to Exchange quicker directly than via Offline Folders.


pbryant75 -> RE: Outlook 2002 (1.Aug.2008 8:51:52 AM)

Thanks for your input. You have been a great help :)


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