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meetoo -> Message tracking tool (31.Jul.2008 4:43:39 PM)

What exactly is the point of the message tracking tool? 

I have a user who stated that he did not receive an email from a specific external sender.  I ran the tracker and it appears to have found the message, but I can't figure out how to read the output to determine what happened to the message.

I keep selecting parameters and it keeps taking me back to the parameter selection screen. 

What am I missing?


TXB2 -> RE: Message tracking tool (31.Jul.2008 9:37:53 PM)

What it the event ID for the message? Also what is in the recipient status field?

meetoo -> RE: Message tracking tool (1.Aug.2008 7:55:36 AM)

There are 2 rows....

EventID on row 1 is RECEIVE
EventID on row 2 is DELIVER

Recipient status on both rows is blank

TXB2 -> RE: Message tracking tool (4.Aug.2008 1:14:03 AM)

OK, so that confirms that the message was delivered successfully to the recipient's mailbox, according to the Storedriver. I would check the user's mailbox and perhaps look at the recover deleted items section. Perhaps it was deleted by mistake.

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