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aamdevan -> Configuration (6.Aug.2008 8:02:45 AM)

I am new in exchange 2003.How to set up exchange mail server in a small organization with 75 Clients?What are the requirements?Step by Step guide me from ISP Domain registration to final step . -> RE: Configuration (6.Aug.2008 8:17:27 AM)

I would suggest you called a Microsoft reseller in your area and asked them. They will most likely talk to you about Small Business Server and the flavours of that solution. SBS will give you the Active Directory you need and the Exchange you crave as well as some other bits and pieces.

If you already have your own active directory then you should still talk to a reseller because it's far more complex than a simple how-to. Sure, you can Google and you can get a load of "click here, next, next, next" type guides but you're not going to get an understanding of what you're actually doing.

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