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msuk -> owa and collapse email (6.Aug.2008 10:16:24 AM)

All, With the old OWA 2003 you had the ability to collapse/expand email groups. For exampe if you had 20 email's for today you could collapse/expand this group. Does OWA 2007 do this if so how? ThanksMsuk

a.grogan -> RE: owa and collapse email (6.Aug.2008 4:00:52 PM)

Hiya chap, I have check both OWA 2003 and 2007 - in 2003 I found that you could get groups which "collapse and expand" when you change the view to "From" and "conversation" however when set to date in OWA 2003 you did not get that option.

In OWA 2007 you do get the grouping for Date and from et al - but you cannot collapse them - which I agree seems a little strange - but I think that it is by design rather than a fault.



msuk -> RE: owa and collapse email (7.Aug.2008 7:50:08 AM)


Thanks for your reply, yes it seems strange I will do a bit more digging around and see if it is possible.


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