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Jeff_Green -> Best way to review backed up journal? (8.Aug.2008 1:11:35 AM)

I have a 22 GB database that only contains my journaling account. I need to back this up and delete all emails to start fresh. What is the best way to back up this database, and how can I restore it to reconnect it to a user account so I can view the emails if necessary? This can't affect the other Journaling database. Thanks in advance.

John Weber -> RE: Best way to review backed up journal? (8.Aug.2008 12:59:10 PM)

export-mailbox will create you a PST, but dayum!  that would be one serious PST.

NTBackup will give you a bkf file to put back using the RSG scenarios.

Sounds like you need to rethink, reprioritize, and reengineer your journaling concepts, solutions, and implementations.

If you really have this need, I would probably look at one of the inexpensive archiving solutions as one of the possible solutions.

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