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bbasra -> Is my Exchange 2007 Server Secure (12.Aug.2008 4:40:14 AM)


I have built a Exchange 2007 Exchange Server and i seem to be getting lots of Virus's.  I have GFI MailEssentials and MailSecurity Installed and they are being quarantined, however, since moving from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007, i am getting alot more than before.

Is my server secure, ie it's not a open relay.  Its a single Exchange 2007 Server with default settings otherthan a smpt connector and receiver.

Is there anything else i should be doing?


Jugal -> RE: Is my Exchange 2007 Server Secure (12.Aug.2008 5:17:03 AM)

Hi Basra,

There are very few options left, when you have Single Exchange server. but could you share how mail is hitting the server.
  1. One, you can do it to publish your server behind the ISA firewall to get mail from internet and secure it for OWA also.
  2. Second you can use some UTM device or Strong firewall and then NAT you Mail Server.

bbasra -> RE: Is my Exchange 2007 Server Secure (12.Aug.2008 5:26:28 AM)


It sits behind a NAT router and the relevant ports are opened for email and owa.

Jugal -> RE: Is my Exchange 2007 Server Secure (12.Aug.2008 5:32:31 AM)

Hi Basra,

Hope following links will give you some info.

anil.chopra -> RE: Is my Exchange 2007 Server Secure (21.Feb.2009 11:41:26 PM)

When it comes to securing messaging infrastrcuture then I want to say that it is not just about securing the messaging platform however due care needs to be given to underlying operating system and the environment around it. like people, process, hardware, email messages etc.
Specifically to focus on the issues that you have highlighted you can ensure that exchange level filtering is continuously enabled and there is a mechanism of autmatic updation of Virus definition. You can also ensure that end point security is in place, all the clients have anti virus s/w installed and virus definitions are updated.
There are lot of XTM (next generation to UTM) boxes/devices available in the market, you may look to have in your technology landscape. XTM is the next generation of Unified Thread Management, integrated network security appliances.
You may like to follow through the attached articles by Marc Grote and Rui Silva.
I trust this helps.

ammarany -> RE: Is my Exchange 2007 Server Secure (28.Feb.2014 1:43:15 AM)

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