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imran_mcse -> Exchange 2007 using ESX 3i Hyper-V (15.Aug.2008 9:21:10 PM)

I have a powerful Dell server which I am going to use for Ms-Exchange 2007 deployment. I need one advise here. If I plan to install ESX3i (Free hypervisor) on base machine and then only install Windows 2008 64bit as guest and MS-Exchange 2007 Ent. for production setup then I can utilize the many management features like snapshots and etc. Or its better to go with a clean install of Windows 2008 and Exchange 2007? Need better advise please.

jveldh -> RE: Exchange 2007 using ESX 3i Hyper-V (19.Aug.2008 6:17:52 AM)


First of all this is the policy from Microsoft:

Also can you explain you question because it's not really clear what you want to know.

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