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carriehoff -> POP3 connector and OWA (20.Aug.2008 2:47:01 PM)

HI all,

I know this is a little late, because we've been running sbs 2000 for 7 years now, but I was wondering if you can collect email with Exchange via the POP3 connector and also have OWA access.
Reason is, my boss is very particular about getting his emails while he's out of the office and 'replying' from the same address.  The webmail for his POP account leaves much to be desired, and upgrading to SBS 2003 is not an option right now, due to budget constraints.
Unfortunately, the current solution is for him to call in 5 to 10 times a day to interrupt what I'm doing so I can check his email and send replies for him.  It wouldn't be enough just to setup his account to forward to the location he currently is at, because the replies have to come from this address, so he would not be able to reply from there without being able to access the email account himself.
I know there must be a solution for this, so please let me know if there is anything that can be done, with Exchange 2000 or something else.


leederbyshire -> RE: POP3 connector and OWA (21.Aug.2008 8:37:19 AM)

Doesn't SBS2000 Exchange come with a built-in POP collector?  That should be donig what you require.  Although I don't think you can make it run more frequently than every 15 minutes.

carriehoff -> RE: POP3 connector and OWA (19.Sep.2008 2:31:06 PM)

Actually, it's remote access to the Exchange Server that we desire.  However, from studying the topic more, I don't think we're good candidates for OWA because we don't have a static IP address - but just to be sure - has anyone ever setup an Exchange 2000 Server for OWA and not had a static IP?


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