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tvtsmith -> Send as Alias. (27.Aug.2008 5:05:50 PM)

I received a request from the business to setup the ability for our company to send email as our clients domain. The client has setup a public domain name and pointed it to our public IP, but I'm unsure of how to configure Exchange to give users the ability to send as that domain. Meaning: we are, but when certain users send mail they want the from domain to show up as Is that even possible? [8|]

uemurad -> RE: Send as Alias. (30.Aug.2008 1:02:46 AM)

You have to implement a work-around.  You can use a 3rd-party product that allows you to specify an alias as the sending address (I'm pretty sure has something like that), or you can do the following:

1.  Create a contact object for an address in the client's domain
2.  Give yourself Send As security permissions in that contact object
3.  When you create a message, change the From field to that contact object

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