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xxsubz78x -> auto reply to emails from GAL in Outlook (29.Aug.2008 8:35:37 PM)

I have Outlook 2003 and I'm trying to setup a rule as follows:

I want an automatic reply with a custom message if I receive email from the Global Address List.  After the auto reply I want the message deleted.  

If I receive email from anybody other than the global address list, I don't want anything to happen with it, just deliver as normal.  

I am going thru the Rules Wizard and I found where to do it, except that one condition confuses me.  Here's what I have so far:

"Apply this rule after the message arrives, sender is in Global Address List Address book and on this machine only.  Reply using c:\program files\microsoft office\templates\1033\mail.oft and delete it.  "

What does it mean "on this machine only" ?

The account I'm trying to setup is not a regular user account, it's a generic email account and it doesn't have a computer with Outlook installed to check the emails.  Normally we check the emails thru Outlook web access only.  

I want this to work even if Outlook is not running on a specific computer, it should be something that's stored in Exchange itself.

Sembee -> RE: auto reply to emails from GAL in Outlook (30.Aug.2008 1:42:23 PM)

The reason it is on this machine only is because you are using a template.
If you want a server side rule then you cannot use a template.

The rule that you have configured will only run when Outlook is open.


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