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jtechs -> ASSP - My Setup (5.Sep.2008 10:18:14 AM)


I just wanted to share how I stop 99% of spam/attacks without stopping genuine emails,

I use a combination of servers/software


1.) ASSP
- Really is a fantastic antispam/antivirus/smtp gateway
- Use primarily for second level antivirus and alternate RBL
3.) Postfix
- Use as a internal incoming/outgoing queue
- Many options to suit our environment
4.) Exchange 2007
- Obviously the best for email

So logically it goes like this


Exchange-->ASSP (white listing etc)-->postfix-->Amavis (IT policy checks)-->Internet

The best part is this is all free, opensource and very stable.

If anyone wants some help/more info just let me know.


332 days 4 hours 34 mins 10 secs days
Emails Blocked: 91.0% (means 9% were legit)
Messages Processed: 157779 (475.0 per day)

wima -> RE: ASSP - My Setup (26.Jan.2009 9:54:28 AM)


Can you help me configuring my exchange 2007 with assp? If it is possible, I want two servers. One for assp, the other one for exchange.


Exchange-->ASSP (white listing etc)-->Internet (Send connector in Exchange)

Thank you

marcushall -> RE: ASSP - My Setup (13.Feb.2009 5:03:09 PM)

Try this page out.

I have used postfix as an mta and setup for Windows server 2003.
I find the mta essential in maintaining flexibility.

bluegween -> RE: ASSP - My Setup (28.Jan.2010 3:18:45 AM)

hi jtechs/marcushall,

can u teach me how to implement ASSP with Exchange 2007?

we currently have 2 sites.
both has 1 exchange box with hub,cas,mbx role.

we dont have edge server inplace.
we isa server but exchange is NOT published through ISA.
in short our exchange box i exposed to internet
the reason why we are getting lots of spam.

we are currently using forefront for exchange but its not sufficient at all. there are still spam coming in.

i hope u can help me out.
thanks in advance!

marcushall -> RE: ASSP - My Setup (28.Jan.2010 5:08:47 PM)

I recommend that you set up ASSP with postfix on a separate server. I like using linux (openSuse). Accept Port 25 from the internet into ASSP server. Change Postfix to accept form something other than Port 25 like 1025. Configure ASSP to send all incoming email to Postfix. Setup Postfix to send incoming for your email domain  to Exchange.

For outgoing email, I find it best to send all email through ASSP to Postfix  then to the Internet. Setup and exchange connector to point to ASSP. ASSP will then send to Postfix. Postfix should send everything "not your domain" to to the Internet.

that's a start.

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