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Gautier -> (double-post please remove) (8.Sep.2008 9:28:56 AM)

Hi all

Dumb question from a wannabe admin :

I have three users on my network that use a single external adress mail (contact@company.coml) with pop3 connector and smtp. I properly created a distribution group forwarding pop3 to the three users but I have a problem when sending mail : the mail is sent correctly but the "from:" field contain "userx@company.com". Problematic because these adresses does not exist at our external mail provider, so these mails cannot be replied. I've tried to change manualy the email adress of the users from userx@company.com to contact@company.com in server management but when applying, the adress revert automaticly to what it was previously.

Is there a way so i can use the same mail adress for multiple users ?

Thanks and sorry for my crappy english.

uemurad -> RE: Using same mail adress for multiple users (8.Sep.2008 9:59:14 AM)

I just responded to your other post

By the way, the only dumb question is the one not asked...

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