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frankv1971 -> SMTP mail from internal network (9.Sep.2008 9:45:56 AM)

I have been searching on the internet for a solution but I seem to search at the wrong places.

I have installed a new Exchange 2007 SP1 server and all seems to work fine.

However there is one thing that will not work. I have several internal servers that need to relay mail to external e-mail recipients.

I have followed several threads on the internet and one even got it working. However as the server also receives mail from the internet I found myself having an open relay (luckily I found out right away when testing)

Can someone give me the solutionr how I get interal servers to relay mail through our Exch2007 to the internet without creating an open relay.

Roles installed are Hub, Client access and Mailbox

I have installed a second server with the edge transport role on it however I am not using it for now as I did not find any reason to use it yet.  But if that is the only way I get this working than I will reconfigure my servers (if I can find out how to add an edge subscription [8D])

jveldh -> RE: SMTP mail from internal network (9.Sep.2008 2:50:41 PM)


You can use the Edge to build an extra layer of security and place in in the DMZ. The Edge sync is not really hard to config, once you export and import the subscription it worked almost immidiatly in my case.

About the question of relaying, you can add the IP-addresses of the specified server to a send connector which allows them to relay.

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