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sipstate001 -> Mobile Information (11.Sep.2008 10:22:07 AM)

We are in the process of rolling out hundreds of mobile phones in our company.

1.  Is there a powershell command I can use to tell who is accessing exchange by means of a handheld? blackberry or win mobile device?

2.  I enabled password security on a phone that was already connected to our exchange environment.  When I enabled the password options and saved it... I went to the phone and did a sync.  It's now giving me an error syncing attn required.... support code 0x85010004.  We want to enable this to all phones as apart of security obviously.  I'm assuming I can't just enable the security option on the fly and have it sync down... I'm hoping it doesn't wipe the device to have to take effect.

I would really appreciate any info on these.

Draconis -> RE: Mobile Information (11.Sep.2008 11:25:02 AM)

1.  I believe you are looking for the Export-ActiveSyncLog cmdlet.


Good luck.

sipstate001 -> RE: Mobile Information (12.Sep.2008 11:00:39 AM)

I must not be able to get the powershell command right... it tells me it can't find the correct part in the path?

I tripled check the correct path.

export-activesynclog -filename "c:\windows\system32\logfiles\w35vc1\logfile.log -outputpach c:\

do I have my syntax wrong?

Draconis -> RE: Mobile Information (12.Sep.2008 11:31:31 AM)

You misspelled the -OutputPath switch.

You should run this cmdlet on the CAS server since the virtual directory should be located there since it is serving all non-mapi user connections.  You will be required to have the Exchange Recipient Administrator Role delegation.

Prior to running this cmdlet on the CAS server, you should verify that the logging is enabled in IIS.  Also, by default, I believe it is using the c:\iislogs\www\ directory for IIS logging.  Log naming should be ex######.log.  You will have to test it and see if that is the log directory.

sipstate001 -> RE: Mobile Information (12.Sep.2008 11:34:38 AM)

typo for output.. I am using correct spelling in PS.

there are logs on my mail server... the directory is there with exxxxxxx.log files in it.

I'll try the cas server.

sipstate001 -> RE: Mobile Information (12.Sep.2008 11:51:19 AM)

okay I think I got it working.

I open the output file and all I see is a big list of 27c87ef9XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  numbers... what are these exactly?

I need a list by user names... or something more identifiable.

Draconis -> RE: Mobile Information (12.Sep.2008 2:27:11 PM)

Not sure what you exported.  You might be viewing the Users.csv file and looking at the device ID column.  When I exported my log, I had 6 (comma separated values) reports.  The file names are Hourly.csv, PolicyCompliance.csv, Servers.csv, StatusCodes.csv, UserAgents.csv, and Users.csv.  The Users.csv should tell you what you need.  Open it through Excel for easier reading.

This site will give you a breakdown of what they mean (  You dont have to do anything else after the export.  The site I listed just tells you what their equivalent SQL command would be.  You wont be able to tell Blackberry users from this.  They do not contact the server through ActiveSync.  You will have to use the BES resource kit to run the proper command line utility for reporting.  Its best to just go through the BES Administration console and view all the users.  The last contact time or forward time will tell you what you need to know.  Users not contacting within a month is probably gone or either had their blackberry replaced or switched to a windows mobile phone.

NOTE:  The longer your IIS logging is enabled, the better you can gauge the ActiveSync users.  Some people opt to turn off their syncing in Pocket PC phones to save on battery so a month should be a good gauge of the regular users.

sipstate001 -> RE: Mobile Information (12.Sep.2008 2:53:08 PM)

you have a messenger ID and a few minutes?  I have the files that you mentioned... and am at a screen with the noted 6 types of csvs.  It says the

Mode = darhs
LastWriteTime = 12/31/1600 7pm 
Length =
Name = users.csv, servers.csv, hourly.csv, statuscodes.csv, policycompliance.csv, and useragents.csv.

Does that sound right?  The logs are basically empty. 

Draconis -> RE: Mobile Information (12.Sep.2008 4:01:38 PM)

You can catch me this weekend.  I will be around if you have access to VPN for your environment.  Otherwise, we can pick this up on Monday.

Draconis -> RE: Mobile Information (15.Sep.2008 10:39:49 AM)

If you left on the IIS logging on your CAS server over the weekend, you should be seeing quite a few connections from Windows Mobile Phone and non-provisionable mobile devices after you rerun the Export-ActiveSyncLog cmdlet.  If you just want to know how many users you have and what they are using, you should configure it to keep the logs in a monthly cycle so you dont have to run Export-ActiveSyncLog on multiple .log files.  But for a more refined report, you will have to play around with the log cycling whether it is best for weekly, daily or hourly.  The Users.csv will give you a nice list of the people using ActiveSync and you will be able to see the compliant Devices in the system.  Knowing what devices are around will help you in deciding whether to uncheck the "Allow non-provisionable devices" checkbox on your ActiveSync Mailbox policy.  If you allow non-provisionable devices, those devices will only be partially compliant to your policies.  Since you are in the process of rolling out hundreds of mobile phones, you can leave that box checked off so that non-compliant devices will be unaffected.  After you are assured that you are all in Windows Mobile OSes and that they will be compliant, you can uncheck that box or just keep it as it is.  It's totally up to your Security Policies.

sipstate001 -> RE: Mobile Information (16.Sep.2008 8:29:38 AM)

Can anyone assist me in getting the IIS logging on?

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