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peabody -> HELP NDR (11.Sep.2008 1:56:55 PM) #5.0.0 X-postfix; host[] said: 550 5.7.1 <XXXX@XXXXX
.com>: Recipient address rejected: temporarily blocked because of previous errors - retrying too fast. penalty: 30 seconds x 0 retries. (in reply to RCPT TO command)> 


I'm receiving the above NDR sending from my domain.  I can send fine to this domain from other outside email accounts.  I've never seen this ndr.  Can anyone help with how to resolve this?  Or what is causing this?

Thank you.

uemurad -> RE: HELP NDR (11.Sep.2008 5:09:21 PM)

Check with the recipient to see if you have been black- or gray-listed.
Are you smarthosting through a Postfix gateway?

ravisha_22 -> RE: HELP NDR (16.Sep.2008 8:08:25 AM)

Looks like a time based mail limitation in the recipient system, try contacting the their helpdesk to get more information on this.

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