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anandhan2008 -> Mail flow in exchange 2007 (13.Sep.2008 8:09:10 AM)

Dear All,

I am praticing exchange 2007 in virtual machine. I installed two virtual machines and two different domains. Then i installed exchange 2007 server. The two virtual machines comunication is there.

I want to configure mail flow in two domains. Please give good idea how to configure mail flow in this domains.....


Draconis -> RE: Mail flow in exchange 2007 (13.Sep.2008 11:53:48 AM)

If your domains are on the same forest, this is not too much of a problem depending on what you are testing.  Just create one more VM, prepare your domains with the Setup /PrepareAD and Setup /PrepareAllDomains switches and then do a typical Exchange 2007 installation on it.  Internal Mailflow will be through your HUB Transport server.  Of course, you will not have incoming email from the outside unless you configure one SMTP domain in your Accepted Domains list and configured the external MX records for that domain.

If you created two distinct domains in two separate forests, you will have to create an Exchange Organization (Typical Installations) in each domain and then use SMTP domains to email between the two.  This will require you to configure external MX records and all that fun stuff.  This will require 2 more VMs.  Also, you will have to have 2 external IPs for your firewall to be able to distinguish between one domain and the other for incoming emails from the outside.  If you dont have that option, you can set both MX records to point to only one external IP and forward that port to only one of your exchange servers.  Then, configure that server to relay to the other so that they will be able to receive the emails from the outside.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Mail flow in exchange 2007 (13.Sep.2008 12:39:36 PM)

Hi anand,

May be you should see this link for setting up mailflow between the exchange server in the Vmware

anandhan2008 -> RE: Mail flow in exchange 2007 (14.Sep.2008 1:27:00 AM)

Dear Mohammed,

Really very good article this one. Thanks to send this document. But this article mentined mail flow exchange 2003. But in my doubt exchange 2007. I am trying to send mail from one domain to another domain. But i don't know how to configure this mail flow. Please help me...


ismail.mohammed -> RE: Mail flow in exchange 2007 (14.Sep.2008 8:22:51 AM)

hi mate,

I use to do a mailflow from 2003 to 2007 all the time for my testing purpose.

Assuming Exchange 2003 server ip address -
Exchange 2007

There will one server which should have two nic card and that should respond to both subnet 1.x and 0.x

Now in Exchange 2003 you create a smtp connector and in the smart host add (exchange 2007) ip address

In Exchange 2007 create a send connector and give the ip address of 2003 exchange server

This is how you can have mailflow

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