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kentdax -> How to configure OWA ??? (19.Sep.2008 7:38:00 AM)


I have never worked with Exchange 2007 before,just 5.5 to 2003. And that's fairly simple. I how now 2 hub servers and 1 mailbox server. How and from wich server do I configure access to OWA ?

I need to understand this both conceptual ( how does the OWA traffic flow to the cluster from the outside ? Does OWA reside on the same server as the mailboxes? It so very confusing with Exchange 2k7 and so much easier with Exchange 2k3 )
and in detail e.g a kind of step-by-step guide. The technican that installed the servers claim he did according to a standard CCR model.

Any help would be really appreciated !!!

best regards

Kent -> RE: How to configure OWA ??? (19.Sep.2008 7:43:47 AM)

You haven't got OWA because you haven't got a Client Access Server.
It's time to go to Amazon and get Jim McBee's book and perhaps also which is the featured book on the bottom left of your screen.

You will deploy a CAS and an MBX server as well as the HT. The CAS can be on the same box as the HT. You will HTTPS to the CAS (which has to be in the internal network, not the DMZ). The CAS will terminate HTTPS and then RPC to the MBX server. That's the 30k feet view. You need to do a good chunk of reading. I would also steer you away from CCR because you're so new to Exchange '07 unless you get a consultant in to advise you first.

abdulzis -> RE: How to configure OWA ??? (19.Sep.2008 10:16:40 AM)

For Exchange 2007, a good resource would be Technet.

Managing Client Access

kentdax -> RE: How to configure OWA ??? (21.Sep.2008 4:20:29 PM)


I just wanted to thank you for taking time to help me!! Your advice was very helpful !

best regards


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