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dreambig2212 -> Edge Tranport Role (25.Sep.2008 2:29:58 AM)


I have installed edge transport role and also subscibed it on my mailbox. Now i have two questions --->

What will be my mx records. Will it be of edge server ip or mailbox server ip.
Secondly when i am trying to connect to edge server using telnet i get the error "remote host closed the connection".

Please help me out....


ismail.mohammed -> RE: Edge Tranport Role (25.Sep.2008 2:40:21 AM)

hi mate,

You need to create a subscription file in edge server role
I hope you have added the dns suffix in your edge server for your domain
> export and import it your hub server role.
> in the AD DNS - you have entered the ip address of Edge Server

> You need to have mx record i.e public ip address of your edge server

Maadani -> RE: Edge Tranport Role (25.Sep.2008 2:56:07 AM)

your MX record must be point to your edge transport role ,

and about second question let me know which port do you want to telnet ?

Best Regards

dreambig2212 -> RE: Edge Tranport Role (25.Sep.2008 3:17:24 AM)


I have already done the subscription, ismail.mohammed. But my problem is that when i tried to use edge transport server ip in my mx the mails are not received and also i am getting connection closed error when telneting to port 25 in my edge transport role.
Also when i use mailbox ip in my mx record i am able to get the mails.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Edge Tranport Role (25.Sep.2008 4:02:42 AM)

hi mate,

very first question

are you able to send email from your organization? if not any NDR report.
Are you able to receive incoming mail? if not, then telnet ( iguess this is your problem)
Have you checked your firewall port? i believe may be your firewall causing the issue because when you do telnet it will direct hit the ip address unless port 25 is blocked

dreambig2212 -> RE: Edge Tranport Role (25.Sep.2008 4:31:36 AM)


Problem resolved. Actually the problem was that transport service of exchange stopped working (If i am right).

Now can please help me with my major question.
Whenever i try to send mails to yahoo they lend in spam folder. But i have already created spf records and reverse dns records. You can check it for znet.in. I think they are correct but i am waiting for your reply.

As i have always get best possible answers from you....

dreambig2212 -> RE: Edge Tranport Role (25.Sep.2008 4:32:35 AM)


Thanks ismail.mohammed and maadani for your great help as always.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Edge Tranport Role (25.Sep.2008 4:44:21 AM)

hey what about your yahoo spam issue?

dreambig2212 -> RE: Edge Tranport Role (25.Sep.2008 5:45:45 AM)


[:D] Its still there and i am waiting for your replies..

Thanks for asking...

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