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bankrboy30 -> SMTP account disappears from Client/Outlook (2.Oct.2008 7:18:00 PM)

I know when I originally set-up each of my users we had setup their pop3 and smtp account info into their outlook email account setups.  After some time the SMTP account disappeared and only an Exchange Mailbox account remains.  Why does this happen and is it normal?  Now that they are gone, where does the email account and password information live?  The smtp addresses are still in the users profile under active directory, but I can't seem to find the place where I could change the password if need be. -> RE: SMTP account disappears from Client/Outlook (2.Oct.2008 7:28:42 PM)

What are these SMTP settings for? You wouldn't typically use SMTP/POP if you have Outlook and an Exchange server.
You should explain a little more.

bankrboy30 -> RE: SMTP account disappears from Client/Outlook (2.Oct.2008 9:13:26 PM)

My apologies, Essentially we forward all outgoing mail via a smarthost.  Their server (the smart host) requires authentication so if I remember correctly at the time of the initial setup I put each users email account and password into their outlook account set up.  On the server side authentication is left as anonymous but I was assuming that outlook was passing the account/password info through since everything was working.  Then at some point the SMTP account just disappeared in Outlook and only the Exchange account remains.  This past Friday after nearly two years of working perfectly we started getting undeliverables.  I changed reset everyone's passwords (on my hosts side) and cannot find the place in AD or Outlook to update the passwords locally

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