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bankrboy30 -> New Static IP -- What Next? (3.Oct.2008 11:58:54 AM)

Obtained a static IP this morning -- setup the external network and all is OK.  Updated my DNS records for, left my MX record as is since it points to and that has already been re-directed to the new static IP

Removed the Dynamic DNS client from the server and deleted Dynamic DNS entries at my ISP's site

Called my ISP and requested they establish a reverse DNS entry for us as the IP currently resolves to resolves to ool-6039133e.static.optonline.

Once they make that change and the record populates (this is a PTR record I believe) I am hoping we will be able to send mail directly to recipient via DNS (no longer flipping mail to a smart host)

I deleted the old SMTP connectors and ran the CEICW so that evrything is all newly configured and restarted the server as well.

We are receiving mail already.  Is there anything I am missing that I need to do in order to send mail?  Also the name of the mail server is not the same as our FQDN, though that is listed correctly in the protocol setup for SMTP but I am concerned that it may not resolve correctly because the actual server name is different. 

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Exchange_Geek -> RE: New Static IP -- What Next? (3.Oct.2008 1:29:38 PM)

Every setting looks good - as long as the MX record is set up correctly including PTR records.

The FQDN of the Exchange server should be correctly mentioned below.


bankrboy30 -> RE: New Static IP -- What Next? (3.Oct.2008 3:52:13 PM)

Thank you.  I was really sweating the FQDN not matching the Server name issue.  Thought I might have to take the server down this weekend to rename it.  I have the correct info in the field you took the screen shot of so I should be OK.  Now its just a matter of waiting for my ISP to set up that PTR record and I'll do some final testing.  We are already getting mail out to certain domains (those that do not perform rDNS lookups I guess.  Hopefully the rest will come online once that PTR is created.

Thanks Again!!

bankrboy30 -> RE: New Static IP -- What Next? (4.Oct.2008 9:36:18 PM)

So it took my ISP nearly all day to create a PTR for me but as soon as that puppy posted, my queues empty out and all my outgoing mail finally got delivered.  Thanks again for you help / advice.

Now I'm off to find a spam solution.  I've been using IMF until now since some was already scrubbed via my old host, but now that I am fully responsible I think I will have to find something to compliment the IMF strategy because my users still get a fair amount of spam.

Exchange_Geek -> RE: New Static IP -- What Next? (5.Oct.2008 12:07:43 PM)

Glad to have helped you solve the issue.

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