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wilk -> Go Daddy Certificate and Exchange push email (9.Oct.2008 8:57:51 AM)

I have an exchange 2007 enviroment, I have installed the go daddy cert (Class 2 Certification Authroity) and enabled for IIS etc. OWA works fine it also pics up the cert no problem. However from a mobile 6.1 device it just doesnt trust the cert? Everything I read says in version 6.0 and 6.1 Go daddy should be trusted? Even if I browse to me OWA page it doesnt trust it any ideas guys? Thanks in advance John

mark@mvps.org -> RE: Go Daddy Certificate and Exchange push email (9.Oct.2008 9:11:11 AM)

It should but even if not you can perfectly well export the root cert to a file and then import it onto the WM device.

wilk -> RE: Go Daddy Certificate and Exchange push email (9.Oct.2008 9:17:24 AM)

I dont mind doing it for one device.... but there its possible that 100's more may follow. How do I import the cert?

Thank you

wilk -> RE: Go Daddy Certificate and Exchange push email (10.Oct.2008 10:01:57 AM)

In the end found this, worked for me
Try this :

Go to Start...then Run, and type in MMC.

Once the MMC Console root is open, hit ctrl + m. This will bring up the
Add/Remove Snap-In dialog box.

Select "Add"

In the Add Standalone Snap-in dialog box, choose "Certificates"; then click
the "Add" button.

In the Certificates snap-in box it is very important you choose "Computer
account," hit "Next," and then "Local computer."

Finish out of the standalone boxes and view the Console Root window. You
should now see a Console Root folder, with a Certificates folder under it,
and a list of folders under the Certificates icon/folder.

Open the "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" folder and then go to the
"Certificates" sub folder and open it.

Seach the alphabetical listing for a GoDaddy Class 2 root certificate.

a) Right click the Go Daddy certificate
b) Select "Properties"
c) Select the radio button for "Disable all purposes for this certificate"
d) Click Ok

Then, in the Console Root window, expand on the Intermediate Certification
Authorities folder and open the Certificates folder.

Find any GoDadddy certificates listed there and remove them.

Browse to https://certificates.godaddy.com/Repository.go

Download the following files:


Then right click on the root or top level folder for the Intermediate
Certification Authorities folder, choose All Tasks, and the Import option.

It is imperitive you install these files in the following order.

Browse to the gd_cross_intermediate.crt file and choose it.

Place it in the Intermediate Certification Authorities.

After completing the cross intermediate, do the same process, but this time
for the intermediate certificate.

Next go to the "Personal" folder and open the Certificates folder.

If you have any expired or unused certificates in this folder, especially
for the same domain you are working on, remove them.

Also, open the IE browser on your server and go to Tools/Internet
Options/Content and click on the "Certificates" button and check the Trusted
Root folder in it. Search for a GoDaddy Class 2 trusted root. If there is a
GoDaddy listed, remove it.

Stop and Start IIS.

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