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meetoo -> ediscovery (9.Oct.2008 9:53:45 AM)

I am trying to plan out an ediscovery solution.

I would like ONE PRODUCT that will do everything below:
  • Restore old exchange data (Exch 2000) directly from tape and then search it
  • Archive all messages straight from the journaling mailbox to a separate database
  • Keyword & date search the entire archived database at one time (not just a few mailboxes at a time)
  • Convert the search results (including attachments, header info, etc) into a universally accessible format (like PDF).  PST format is NOT practical.

I have found products that will perform one or two of the requirements, but not one all-encompassing application.

Is there such an application?  If not, how close can I get?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!

mark@mvps.org -> RE: ediscovery (9.Oct.2008 10:04:55 AM)

Restore an exchange database from tape? I doubt you'll get that requirement fulfilled by one that does the other three.

meetoo -> RE: ediscovery (9.Oct.2008 10:16:17 AM)

Yes, it was a pipe dream, but I thought I would ask....

I have looked at Ontrack PowerControls and Quest Recovery Manager for pulling the data off the tapes, and it appears that at least PowerControls will create a PST file from the search results.

For the big picture, my primary concerns are journaling every message that passes thru our system, retaining those messages, being able to search them efficiently, and putting the search results in a format that outside requestors can access.

stsulliv -> RE: ediscovery (9.Oct.2008 12:12:22 PM)

VERY biased answer, but you might check out Enterprise Vault from Symantec. 

Let me know if you have any questions.


meetoo -> RE: ediscovery (10.Oct.2008 4:24:28 PM)

I am reading the documentation for EV and it appears to do most of what I need.  Seems a little heavy on the prerequisites.

I would like to put EV, the sql database and discovery accelerator on the same server.  Do you have any thoughts on that?

Initially, and for a long time to come, the server will not be accessed by the general user, but only 3 or 4 people doing legal searches of the archive.

email_archiver09 -> RE: ediscovery (6.Feb.2009 11:58:45 AM)

EV is very heavy duty, and VERY expensive. Look at some SaaS alternatives to save money and increase functionality

Postini, Mimecast, Messagelabs, etc

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