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Bob mac -> Email Retention (14.Oct.2008 3:20:16 PM)

I am trying to find possible a 3rd party software or a solution to my email retention policy. I am needing every 90 days to remove anything 90 days or older in the inbox, sent items, and deleted items to be moved to To Be deleted folder, then in 14  days to delete. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Bob Mac

John Weber -> RE: Email Retention (14.Oct.2008 3:22:19 PM)

MRM feature not working for you?  Or is the cost of the ECal too much?

I think you will find that an archive package that does what you want will be more money than the ECal.

Draconis -> RE: Email Retention (14.Oct.2008 3:59:10 PM)

This should be helpful.

Draconis -> RE: Email Retention (14.Oct.2008 4:03:26 PM)

John is always faster on the draw.

Does he need an ECal?  It looks like taking care of the default folders will be good in Std.  If he needs Custom Folder management then ECal would be needed?

Bob mac -> RE: Email Retention (15.Oct.2008 4:01:29 PM)

Thanks for the suggestiong I will definately lookinto 

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