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stevenjwilliams83 -> Taking over another companies email (11.Nov.2008 10:21:09 AM)

I have Company A running exchange server 2007, Company A is buying Company B.  All Company B's email needs to be sent to Company A's email server from this moment on.  Does Comapny B's domain name need to be added to the accepted domain's for this to work?  Obviously I would change the MX record to point to Company A's firewall.  But is it that easy?

And also rather than excepting all mail from an IP address in the anti-spam filter settings, can I just allow a whole Domain to be recieved or a certain email address to be allowed, I think you can, but I cant get it to work correctly?  The email is being forwarded to my exchange server from another mail server running argosoft.  I set up exchange to allow all email from the IP of the argosoft mail server, but the problem is....it doesn't filter that email being accepted with anti-spam tools.  Ideas?

Elan Shudnow -> RE: Taking over another companies email (14.Nov.2008 9:43:48 PM)

Make sure that before you change MX record to CompanyA, you created the e-mail address policy as well as the Accepted Domain. And make sure those mailboxes exist on CompanyA whether that's through migration or just creating a new mailbox for these users and exporting and importing PST data, etc...  If you don't have this stuff done, your mail server won't accept any mail for this domain regardless if you allowed the IP address of your SMTP appliance to the IP Allow List.

stevenjwilliams83 -> RE: Taking over another companies email (17.Nov.2008 9:44:51 AM)

what if i have some users that need both company A and Company B mail?  I dont have to create two mailboxes correct?  I can just add an additonal SMTP address in AD right?

Elan Shudnow -> RE: Taking over another companies email (17.Nov.2008 10:01:44 AM)


stevenjwilliams83 -> RE: Taking over another companies email (18.Nov.2008 11:29:00 AM)

Do I need to create a email policy?  Can't I just add the SMTP domain name to the accepted domain tab, then add the smtp address to the users email address tab and change the MX record and everything works?  I tried the email policy thing but i wants to assign all users an email address of the new SMTP email domain name.  I dont want that, I just need about 5 users to have the new SMTP address.

Draconis -> RE: Taking over another companies email (18.Nov.2008 12:31:30 PM)

Modify either the Company Name or Custom attribute for each of those 5 users.  Create a new email address policy and filter for the value.

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