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amrounk -> Posts resets to unread and color category clears (2.Dec.2008 3:37:47 PM)

Our department categorizes posts by color on a Public Folder.
Several times a week, at random times, emails change from Read to Unread and the color categories clear.
Our Collaborative Messaging Services group has been unable to help. They told us it probably comes from the fact that our group uses the 2003 and 2007 versions of Outlook, creating some kind of conflicts. We always have the problem is nes. To please them we all went to 2003 and problem is still occuring.
I unsuccessfully requested an Exchange log from them. Their response was: Exchange only retains logs on mail transaction and of course event logs on things that error out. i wont have any logs on something like this.

Any advice on how to get this taken care of would be welcome.

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