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pjhutch -> How to configure IMAP or POP3 (4.Dec.2008 4:37:57 AM)

How do you configure IMAP4 or POP3 to use 143 OR 993. Port 143 seems to work fine, but 993 is denied. I have set the Authentication to Plain Text (Basic Auth) and the X.509 Certificate to our SSL certificate. But SSL connectivity seems to be turned off. How can I turn on SSL with out it being required like on Exchange 2003?

pjhutch -> RE: How to configure IMAP or POP3 (20.Mar.2009 9:11:31 AM)

It turns out I needed a new 1024 bit SSL certificate (I had a 512 bit cert) and assign it to the IMAP, POP and SMTP services on Exchange to enable the secure services. Its now sorted.

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