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austinm007 -> Link user account to specific send connector (17.Dec.2008 11:15:48 PM)

Is there a simple way or workaround to force a user account to use a specific send connector? I am looking to have user@hosteddomain and user@remotedomain working off of one exchange server. I need user@remotedomain to hit the remote SMTP server there so messages are not flagged as spam. I know that there is a way to do this in EX2003 but haven't seen it in 07. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nazim -> RE: Link user account to specific send connector (18.Dec.2008 1:43:40 AM)

In E2K3 you could do this by adding the SMTP address spaces on connectors.

But for E2k7 you need to create an “Accepted Domain” Policy in Exchange System Manager in Organization Configuration under Hub Transport.

Is this what you were looking for ?

Sembee -> RE: Link user account to specific send connector (18.Dec.2008 10:29:49 AM)

It isn't exactly clear what you are trying to do.

Is the Exchange server hosting email for the second domain?
Do you have user accounts in both domains?

Exchange routes email based on the recipient, not the sender. The only reason it worked on Exchange 2003 was because you could restrict the use of the SMTP connector and set a smart host.

However the restriction that you used on the SMTP Connectors in Exchange 2003 doesn't appear to be available in Exchange 2007. The restriction settings are now done in Transport Rules, which are more strict.


austinm007 -> RE: Link user account to specific send connector (24.Dec.2008 9:24:10 AM)

Here is my situation...
I have two domains, they each need to have their own send connector. The first one I manage and the second is out of my control. I need to make all mail with the domain that I don't control, hit a different send connector, that way it doesn't get flagged as spam. Both need to hit different smart hosts to accomplish this (or so I think). So there is one unified server with two groups of accounts.

Sembee -> RE: Link user account to specific send connector (24.Dec.2008 10:49:01 AM)

The point is - Exchange doesn't route email by sender.
What you want to do isn't possible - it only worked E2003 because you forced the traffic down another path, which was not a design decision.

Either send all email out directly, or send it all out via the same smart host.
If you can send email out via one path and the messages are not flagged as spam, then it will work for any other domain that is on the server.
Antispam solutions are not that strict on where the messages come from, otherwise a significant majority of messages would get blocked.

For example, messages from and come out of the same servers, and there is no problem with those messages getting blocked.


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