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mattigan -> Japanese Disclaimers (7.Jan.2009 3:59:57 PM)

I need to create several transport rules to provide disclaimers for various regional offices in their local language, this is not going to be a problem in most cases but I am going to have to do one in Japanese which looks like it is going to be fiddly.

I have found that you can basically copy/paste Kanji text straight into the rule and everything looks ok, however, when the rule is applied the disclaimer appears a gibberish in sent mail.

I can receive external email formatted in Kanji text ok, so it's not a language pack issue, as anyone else had similar problems?

pjhutch -> RE: Japanese Disclaimers (19.Jan.2009 8:59:45 AM)

Have you considered putting the Japanese disclaimer into a JPEG and then specify a HTML IMG tab in the disclaimer pointing to the JPEG file which is on a external facing web site?

TokyoBrit -> RE: Japanese Disclaimers (17.Feb.2009 2:20:52 AM)

If you copy the Kanji text into a new email and send it to an outside mail account, such as hotmail or gmail, how does it show up?

I can probably give you better advice on this once I've completed our Ex2007 implementation, since all the servers are in English but our users have Japanese Office 2003. Right now, our Exchange 2003 servers are English and I had to install the Japan locale for forms.

You might also want to look at the message header for the message you get where the diclaimer is mojibake. Look for the text encoding. Anything other than UTF8 might cause problems.

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