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thys.kitshoff -> Transport Rule via the shell (8.Jan.2009 4:37:16 AM)

Hi all

I would like to implement a Transport Rule via the shell to force mails from some internal users (distribution group – “redirectusers”) to be routed via a send connector I created (connector name – “Altroute”),  so basically some users outgoing mail must be sent out via a different route(smart host).

This is for a HUB server..

 I had a look at the documentation on how to create a new transport rule but it has confused me more than it helped.
Please could someone help me with the correct syntax for adding this rule via the shell?

Condition1 = Get-TransportRulePredicate FromMemberOf “redirectusers”

Condition2 = Get-TransportRulePredicate SentToScope  ???? sent to external addressed

Acton1 = ???? redirect message to the send connector “AltRoute”

Thanks in advance for the help.

ravisha_22 -> RE: Transport Rule via the shell (8.Jan.2009 5:00:23 AM)

It's better and easy to use the GUI to create transport rules, than the shell, this is because of the range of options which you can configure.

Ahmad Ramadan -> RE: Transport Rule via the shell (8.Jan.2009 7:32:45 AM)

why u wanna use the shell command, i didnt get ur point
and on the other hand u can do it smoothly from the GUI

Thank You

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