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adgroup -> NAT or static Live IP ? (15.Jan.2009 12:11:02 AM)


I have recently install exchange 2003 on windows 2003 server. I have one question that do we require static live ip address to exchange or we can use NATTING on DSL modem to forward traffic of port 25, 119, 143, 80 etc Exchange server which has private ip address ?

Any help ?


uemurad -> RE: NAT or static Live IP ? (15.Jan.2009 1:33:25 AM)

You can absolutely use NAT to forward the traffic to your server with a private address. 

adgroup -> RE: NAT or static Live IP ? (15.Jan.2009 1:40:47 AM)

thanx for your reply

Could u please tell me what r the advantages or disadvantages of static live and NATing of exchange server ?

Could u please tell me exactly which ports do i need to open in firewall? like 80, 25 ,119 etc ...I want to exact ports numbers.

Any Help


de.blackman -> RE: NAT or static Live IP ? (15.Jan.2009 10:27:47 AM)

Amongst other things, using NATting protects your exchange environment because putting a live IP address would put it on the internet. In addition, the exchange server needs to communicate with your internal domain controllers. How will it be able to do this if it is placed on the internet?!

What services do you need the server to perform. For SMTP mail flow then you have to NAT port 25. If you're using POP3 and IMAP4, then you need to open ports 110 and 993 respectively. For client access from the internet, you need to open port 443. I would recommend to only NAT the ports that you really need as opposed to all of them!

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