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clint -> Exchange 2000 Uninstall (23.Jan.2009 1:01:47 AM)

I am transitioning from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2007.  I have the new server up and running, all mailboxes and public folders have been moved.  I was following an article on this site to decomission the E2K server and got to the point where I would unisntall.  When I run the setup and choose remove I get the following message:


The component "Microsoft Exchange Messaging and Collaboration Services" cannot be assigned the action "Remove" because:
-Setup is unable to access the Windows 2000 Active Directoy
-Failed to contact the Schema Master Server for the Active Directory forest.

This box is still a DC, but all of the FSMO roles have been transfered off to new W2K3 servers during this transistion.  I read somewhere that if Exchange was installed on a DC you needed to remove it before demoting the box.  Could it be that I needed to wait to migrate the FSMO roles until after removing E2k, too?

DNS is pointing to itself for the primary and the Schema Master for the Secodary.  I tried adding a third DNS server which holds the RID, PDC and Infrstructure Master roles without success.

Any ideas?

shanmarsh1 -> RE: Exchange 2000 Uninstall (4.Oct.2011 8:09:37 AM)

I did think that I would have to manually remove the object as I can no longer uninstall.  Thanks for the input.  I did try ringing MS support but they no longer support Exchange 2000, no surprise there.

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