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send2pound -> Changing CAS and HUB's IP Addresses (9.Feb.2009 5:21:53 AM)


I have 3 Exchange 2007 Servers, here is detail
  1. Mailbox server
  2. Hub Transport server
  3. Client Access server

On CAS, we have removed standard Autodiscover, AutodiscoverRedirect, and OAB and create new ones and assigned IP addresses for each site (follow steps from "Deployment Walkthrough" on HMC 4.5). It work great but there are something that make us need to revise our network design and need to change IP addresses of CAS and HUB servers. I am not sure that we can just change IP addresses and publish new rules on ISA server or need to do some additional steps before and/or after changing IP addresses of CAS and HUB server. Can anyone share the idea?

Thank you,
Teeravee Sirinapasawasdee

a.grogan -> RE: Changing CAS and HUB's IP Addresses (10.Feb.2009 3:24:18 PM)

You can change the IP addresses - however as good practice I would recommend closing down the Exchange Services prior to the change.
Before you bring the services back online after the change, ensure that DNS has been modified to reflect the changes and they have replicated within your environment.

Remember if you have dependencies on the IP addresses (for example any domain rules or transport policies) these will need to be changed.

Again it should be done out of hours and it might be an idea to pause the mail queues before you do it.



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