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gradyvogt -> No Free Busy over RPC. (10.Feb.2009 10:10:54 AM)

Ok, we have all the users on 2007 but 2003 is still in place and scheduled to be removed this week. However, users cannot view free/busy when useing OutlookAnywhere but can when on the lan.  I AM replciating both free busy's from each server to the other.  The public folders are setup on 2007 and the single info store is set to use the 2007 PF store.   the free busy on 2007 is SMALL and the 2003 is like 387 items.  Are users on 2007 still pointing to 2003 for free busy even though the mailbox is moved?

jitendergupta -> RE: No Free Busy over RPC. (16.Feb.2009 9:27:54 AM)

Outlook 2007 uses availability service url for free busy information while legacy clients use public folders.

You should check whether avalibility service is accessible via internet.

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