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dineshparihar -> Event ID 2102 (23.Feb.2009 10:20:40 AM)

I have installed Exchange 2007 on windows 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition SP2,
On my exchange07  I found Application Event ID 2102 :- "Process MAD.EXE (PID=6156). All Domain Controller Server in use are not responding."

Please help me for this event.

ahanbali -> RE: Event ID 2102 (23.Feb.2009 12:06:07 PM)

make sure that your DCs are up and running all the time...
do you have your exchange installed on a DC

Ahmad Ramadan -> RE: Event ID 2102 (24.Feb.2009 1:43:52 AM)

all exchange 2007 roles have to be able to contact a domain controllers and GC all the time to be able to funtion perfectly

try to see if ur DC and GC up and running and use some diagnostics tools like DCDiag, NetDiag
if u have internal LAN firwall between the DC, GC and the Exchange double check it


ashishjoshi1 -> RE: Event ID 2102 (24.Feb.2009 2:35:17 AM)

Check the binding order, configuration of NIC for DNS, check if DNS is functioning correctly.
also run the diagnostics as suggested by Ahmad.
Ashish Joshi

mdwasim -> RE: Event ID 2102 (28.Jul.2009 12:59:31 AM)

Hello Experts,

I am trying to introduce new servers as DC which will replace old servers.
connectivity is perfect, ran dc and netdiag. Still exchange 2003 is not picking up new DC0 as GC.
Primary DNS on exchange server is set to New DNS which is on DC0, FSMO roles on DC0, I switched off other DC's still exchange is not able to pickup.


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