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2fs2ns -> Allowing SMTP for in-house programs... (3.Mar.2009 2:07:14 PM)

Good afternoon guys, I've been searching all over the forums trying to figure out the right way to approach this mess. We have a lot of in-house programs that need to send email via the exchange server. For example, our websites need to be able to send our members email when they request some information.

How do I set up exchange so that it will accept SMTP traffic from these different servers?

Also, we have programs written in-house the our employee's use to send out emails to members, how can I allow these programs to send mail out?

This is how I've gotten some of the above issues to work, but it just doesn't seem like it's the right way to do this. I created another receive connector. In the "Receive mail from remote servers" ip list, I've added the ip's of the servers and some of our employee's machines.

If I try to add the range of all of our internal IP's, the programs don't work, for whatever reason I need to add them separetely.

On that receive connector I have TLS and Basic auth checked, and in the permissions groups, I just have anonymous selected.

Elan Shudnow -> RE: Allowing SMTP for in-house programs... (3.Mar.2009 2:15:27 PM)

When allowing Anonymous to use a connector, that does not allow the ability to relay.  I explain this in detail in my following article in addition to how to relay:

2fs2ns -> RE: Allowing SMTP for in-house programs... (3.Mar.2009 2:31:04 PM)

Thank you! I'll set that up asap.

So any idea what I need to pass on to my programmers? Do they need to include credentials in their code, or with this new connector will it work without them having to do that?

Thanks again!

Elan Shudnow -> RE: Allowing SMTP for in-house programs... (3.Mar.2009 2:47:24 PM)

Doing the relaying allows the in-house programs to use your server to send mail without the need for credentials.  The more secure method is to set up an Exchange Mailbox and configure the in-house applications to use these credentials.  In this case, you wouldn't have to set up relaying since the in-house application would be authenticating.

2fs2ns -> RE: Allowing SMTP for in-house programs... (3.Mar.2009 3:28:02 PM)

Good deal, that's what we were trying to do. And it worked from some of our developers workstations, but once an employee tried to run the program it would bomb out. I wasn't sure if the employee's needed permissions on that mailbox as well? Maybe it had something to do with sending on behalf of or something, I don't know.

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