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robert.dourado -> Retrieve Emails from exchange 2003 (8.Mar.2009 3:15:52 AM)

One of our clients is using Outlook 2007 ( vista business OS ) and stores his emails locally on the PC. For some reason he lost his emails for a period of one month. They have an inhouse exchange server 2003 ( std, sp2). Under "System Manager" -> "Message Tracking Centre" his emails can be seen  as in, "THE SENDER, THE RECEPIENT AND SUBJECT", listing. Can these emails be retrieved if they are still present ? Full backup is done regularly on the exchange 2003 server to tape using Miscrosoft backup. Please advise.. -> RE: Retrieve Emails from exchange 2003 (8.Mar.2009 10:05:10 AM)

You're only looking at a trace. If the user stores them in their own PST file on a PC you can't recover them.

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